We were very impressed by Sharon’s diplomatic style and approach that resulted in a pragmatic and commercially viable outcome.
Head of HR, Compliance organisation
Despite the history and a legacy of failed attempts to resolve the dispute over a two year period Sharon was able to find a resolution within four weeks
HR Director, Professional Services

I was really impressed by how quickly and accurately you distilled the key issues and kept them on the agenda for the day. 

I felt the day went very well for lots of reasons. Lots to do as a result, but it feels exciting. 

Justine Daniels, CEO, Readathon

What my clients are saying

“Sharon took the leadership team of Connect through a useful process to refine the strategy and three year plan for the charity.  She challenged our thinking whilst being empathetic to our different communication styles and needs.  She delivered everything she promised.”

Sally McVicker, CEO Connect

Sharon provides us with an invaluable objective perspective on the management of the FDF. She has built enduring relationships of trust with the senior leadership team. As I put the FDF through a major programme of radical cultural and organisational change, the time came for some very difficult discussions. At that point those relationships were crucial for the success of the programme.  Sharon is also highly effective in deploying her facilitation skills. The consequence is that planned outcomes for meetings are routinely achieved. I can unhesitatingly recommend her as a partner for any senior management team wanting to up its game.

Ian Wright CBE Director General, Food and Drink Federation

Sharon brings a rare but powerful combination of expertise and humanity to the table.  I have been grateful for her technical advice on a number of occasions but also for her calm and helpful presence as a facilitator in the room during a meeting where the emotional needs of a human being were the priority rather than just the rights of the employee.  Sharon’s advice and style helped to draw a potentially damaging situation to a positive conclusion for all.  I cannot recommend her strongly enough."

Head, independent school

Sharon Crooks successfully resolved an employee dispute for a not for profit professional SME when all the usual channels of dispute resolution had been exhausted. The situation with a middle manager involved a complex range of grievance issues and allegations relating to contractual, bullying and employment policy issues. The issues were demoralising for all parties and highly charged/personal and potentially damaging to both the individuals involved and the organisations standing as a good employer.

Sharon was employed to provide a resolution to enable all parties to move on, her approach was objective, thorough, empathetic and effective. Despite the history and a legacy of failed attempts to resolve the dispute over a two year period Sharon was able to find a resolution within four weeks. The resolution enabled the individual to move on with a sense of justice and the organisation was protected from any further claims or reputational damage.

As HRD my reflection was that Sharon had managed to get to the heart of the dispute winning the trust and confidence of an individual who was feeling hurt and emotionally impacted to the extent that they had become stuck in a negative and destructive frame of mind. By acknowledging the hurt Sharon was able to help the individual better articulate their needs and terms of agreement in a constructive and ultimately effective way.

 HR Director, Professional Services

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