Workshop Facilitation


Whether you want a creative forum to share ideas or a formal strategy planning session, I can help. I take time to:

  • Understand the context, the challenges and the overall purpose of the session
  • Work with you to create the agenda, ensuring that key stakeholders are on board
  • Design sessions to build collaboration and get ideas out on the table
  • Help you to get buy-in from your trustees, members, investors or non-exec directors
  • For team away days I build in some fun as well as focusing on the business at hand
  • For action planning sessions I ensure that people commit to concrete actions and milestones and I follow up with detailed notes

If you've made some big decisions during your time together, I can also advise and support the communicaton and roll out to everyone else.

Mediation and Restorative Justice 


As an accredited Mediator I help people who are in conflict to find solutions:

  • In civil and commercial matters - I mediate between people in dispute about contracts, rights, and agreements. 
  • At work - I mediate between board members, managers and team members or colleagues, or I use facilitated conversations or workshops to resolve disputes where a formal mediation is not required. 
  • In prisons - I deliver training to prisoners in the principles of Restorative Justice and victim awareness, supporting them to find ways to make amends and be reconciled with people who have been harmed by their actions

Building Positive Teams


I help organisations of all shapes and sizes to improve their performance by: 

  • Creating frameworks that help people to see where they fit in and how to excel
  • Identifying barriers to collaboration and working with teams to develop collaborative behaviours and processes
  • Hosting and facilitating 360 degree feedback to give people insight into their impact on others
  • Coaching managers in how to have difficult conversations when team members are not performing well
  • Hosting Employee Engagement surveys, and using the results to build and roll out an action plan to improve performance and employee satisfaction

Conflict Resolution


When people stop communicating, and stop listening to each other, the relationship breaks down.  At work this can mean lost time, lost customers, and lost profit. In a charity or community group, conflict can destroy years of great work and the ripple effect goes way beyond the bottom line.  

I can help by:

  • Advising on frameworks and processes to resolve complaints, internal disputes, disciplinary and grievance issues.
  • Providing formal mediation between the parties to find sustainable solutions.
  • Acting as a sounding board to senior managers, community leaders or HR professionals who are handling complex disputes.
  • Provide training and coaching to help people to understand and take responsibility for the impact of their words and actions.



Peace is defined in many ways depending on the context and perspective of the people seeking it.

I can help by:

  • Working with individuals or groups to visualise their version of peace - freedom from aggression and violence, working in harmony, the absence of noise or unwanted actions by others
  • Helping people to identify what positive steps they can take towards creating that peace
  • Supporting people on their journey towards peace

Contact me for more information by giving me a call on 07960 590288 or send me an email at