First book review

I've just read our first book review since HR for Small Business for Dummies was published in December, and am delighted to see that a fellow small business owner gives it five stars and marks it as essential reading for people running small businesses.

We small business owners are an underestimated bunch, expected to know the rules about corporation tax, employment law, trading standards, PAYE reporting and the ins and outs of commercial leases, before we even get started on 'doing the business' we're set up to do. I downloaded the HMRC payroll software a few months ago, and realised that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - having worked in HR all of my career I thought it would be a doddle, but every month I panic that I've missed the deadline, misreported the numbers, or made some terrible mistake that will catch up with me at the end of the tax year.

I had some insight into how scary the 'people' side of running the business can be, if you don't know what you don't know. I hope that HR for Small Business for Dummies will fill some of those scary gaps, and point readers to the right place to find out more.