Enabling Dialogue

Supporting people to find enduring solutions

Future focus

I help people and teams in all walks of life to clarify their strategy and goals, and to align their activities to achieve them.  

I help people in dispute to visualise a future without conflict and to take steps to start creating it. 

Supporting and challenging

When a problem arises, finding the solution starts with understanding the people who are involved.  I help clients to solve work and people issues by

asking the right questions,

challenging perspectives,

facilitating good conversations,

and focussing all the parties on finding practical, realistic outcomes.


Call to talk it through on: 

0044 7960 590288


Services I can offer

Workshop Facilitation

  • Leadership team vision, mission, vision and values
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Collaboration and networking sessions
  • Team away days
  • Employee engagement survey feedback and action planning 

Mediation and Restorative Justice

  • Accredited mediator and member of CIArb and CMC providing formal mediation between parties in dispute 
  • Facilitated conversations where formal processes are less appropriate
  • Accredited trainer in Mediation and Restorative Justice  

Developing positive teams

  • Hosting and facilitating 360 degree feedback
  • Supporting teams to articulate their vision and values
  • Training in constructive communication skills 
  • Supporting teams to collaborate 

Conflict Resolution

  • Identifying underlying issues causing conflict at board or team level 
  • Facilitating peace building between individuals or groups
  • Coaching managers to handle conflict in their teams